If you like aircraft and the people who fly them, the EAA – the Experimental Aircraft Association – is for you. EAA offers something for all enthusiasts – pilots, designers, builders, dreamers, in other words anyone who enjoys the unique experience and total freedom of flight. Everyone is most welcome.


EAA originated in America in 1953 with a group of people who had an interest in “experimenting” with home-built aircraft. Since then it’s grown to a worldwide organisation with members from many countries.

The South African offshoot of this EAA started off with chapter 322 and has grown to 10 chapters around the country.


The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) is comprised of members with an interest in building, flying, or restoring their own aircraft. EAA gives members an opportunity to share ideas and experiences, get help with a difficult project, or even chat with another member who has common interests.

Chapters: EAA consists of a number of individual “Chapters”. Each Chapter is made up of members (like you) from the same geographical area. Chapters organise activities for their members – such as fly-ins, talks, visits to building and restoration projects – and also offer support for members doing their own aircraft building or restoration.

Activities: Major events on the South African EAA calendar include EAA AirWeek during April/May and Sun ‘n Fun during August. We also recently had Mike Melvill (pilot of the first private space program) come out to South Africa. Chapters often organise their own events ranging from a Young Eagles day, fabric covering workshops, breakfast fly-ins, visits to ATC centres, and more.

Junior Program: Our junior programme exposes children to the aviation industry and has resulted in some of our junior members finding careers in the aviation industry. It’s an expansion of the international Young Eagles program (which continues even though it reached its goal of giving one million children the chance of flight before the Centenary of the Wright Brother’s first flight – 17-Dec-03).

EAA’s Vision: Promote the building, restoration and flying of non type certificated aircraft for all South Africans through the provision of scientific information and educational programmes, infrastructural development and participation in the development of relevant legislation.

How to join: Find which membership option suits you, then fill in an application form. Once we’ve received your fees, you’ll receive your membership card in the post.

How we’re organised
In South Africa, EAA has about 750 members 10 chapters around the country. Each chapter operates independently with its own committee (elected by its members) and each organises its own activities. Chapters often arrange joint activities.

The National Council of EAA Chapters is the liaison body between the EAA Chapters and controlling authorities such as Aero Club and the Civil Aviation Authority. It’s composed of the various chapter presidents throughout the country, and an executive committee which is elected at the annual general meeting held at the Annual Convention.

EAA and Aero Club: EAA is a part of the Aero Club of South Africa. They’re the national body that controls recreational aviation in South Africa. Other associations that are part of Aero Club cover many other aspects of recreational aviation including Gliding, Hang Gliding, Parachuting, Power Flying, Microlights, Helicopter,  Model Aircrafts and Gyrocopters.

More info on the Aero Club of South Africa can be found at www.aeroclub.org.za.