TEDDY BUILD : Saturday 20th June 2015


Considering it's not just about the progress of the build, but also the people and the skills learned and shared - today was another successful day ! Thanks to Kevin, Derek, Richard, Dylan, Rob Jonkers & Martin Meyer (visiting in ZU-MBU) and Ivor & Jordan Becks. You guys rock ! Thanks also to Steve George and Mike for dropping in to see how we doing.

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Windyty, Weather Forecast Reimagined

A pilot and a kite surfer from the Czech Republic wanted to make weather forcasts more interesting so he created Windyty a beautiful animated map of the winds and weather where you can choose what to overlay, such as pressure or rain and clouds. One can even click on the map and get a detailed forcast for that location.
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2015 National Convention

The 2015 EAA of SA National Convention will be held from 7 - 10 August in Margate, Hibiscus Coast, KZN

  • Fly-in, Fri 7 & Sat 8 August
  • AGM & Dinner, Sun 9 August
  • Departure, 10 August

RSVP essential: More details to follow.

Chapter 322 Teddy Build : 6 June 2015


After ending off for the year in 2014 on the landing gear, we returned to this today. A quick coffee and a chat to figure out where we ended off last year started the morning off. We were able to get through a few small finicky tasks that had been put off for some time to make way for more exciting build days in 2015. Thanks Kevin, Derek, Dylan, and Richard for the work achieved on the Teddy landing gear today. Also thanks to Larry, Urie, Willie, Nico, Steve and Mike Spence for visiting. Your support is always appreciated.

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TEDDY BUILD on Sat 30 May 2015 : Engine Build


Thanks everyone for an awesome build today. Peter was a terrific teacher, explaining how each part operates. A great informative session followed by a social lunch.

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Project Cuba

Captain Arthur Piercy is well known in the flying world. In 1978 he qualified as a pilot in the South African Air force. In 1983 he was selected for the Mirage Course, flying at AFB Pietersburg...more.