Member Projects

Auster Mk1 Rebuild


- Gerald Maddams, Chapter 1502 South Coast

Back in December 2000 I collected the remnants of an aeroplane from Centenary, 120 km north of Harare in Zimbabwe. That began an incredible life journey during which I met many, many wonderful people and continually learned new things and developed new skills.

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Pierre Douglas' KR2


The project started in 2013 with a journey down to PE. My dad wanted to find out more about building his own small plane. But he ended up buying the KR2 - the guy who was busy building it was tired and didn't want to continue, and we ended up with literally the framework and canopy. My dad then started to fix up the plane.

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EAA 322 TEDDY BUILD : 28 FEB 2015


Kevin and Neville entertained many questions and were wonderful hosts to two teenage boys working on their school project focussed on aircrafts. Gareth and Ben left us inspired and thankful for the personal time and the knowledge-sharing that these EAA members were happy to contribute. This may well be the start of a lifelong career in aviation for them. Their departure was followed by a lovely visit from Athol and Christine, who flew in from FAGM. After a chat and some photos, we were ready to start working more seriously.

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Teddy Project Donation


Thanks to Neil Gibb, for the wonderful donation of tools. These will certainly come in handy for the Teddy, and future EAA322 build projects.

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Ex Chapter 322 Pietenpol


The PBHS Aeronautical Society is making steady progress on the Pietenpol static restoration which EAA kindly donated to the school. We secured some sponsorship and so are trying to do most of the work with proper materials. Some of the centre sections seem to have gone astray (or were never made?) and so we are having to make those. We started fabric work a few weeks back, which the lads are enjoying - many have taken to the basic techniques very quickly. Watching boys doing something practical is very rewarding - many of them have, I’m sure, never handled any type of tools.

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Sling 4-4-40 Challenge

Starting with flying the Sling 2 prototype around the world in 2009, The Airplane Factory (TAF) has consistently set higher milestones for itself through the years. The Sling 4, a four seat model of the original Sling, was first flown in 2011, and promptly flown around the world in the opposite direction, as one does with a prototype aircraft. In the same year, TAF decided to show the aviation community just how simple it is to build a kit Sling, by assembling a Sling 2 kit in 7 days, with 5 factory employees, and 5 people who had never touched a pair of pliers, no matter a rivet gun. The Africa Aerospace and Defence show, held at AFB Waterkloof this September, was the perfect setting for an even bigger challenge.
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CONTACT!... the engine of Ivan’s ‘Schaarman’ started up for the first time since 1976


It was an aviator’s dream... a clear winter’s day, Sunday 13 July, and the engine of Ivan’s ‘Schaarman’ started up for the first time since 1976. Yeehah!
It’s been a labour of love for Ivan and Sonica for the last few years, and their hard work was rewarded when the Pratt & Whitney started on the first try as if it was new.
This beautiful plane will be on static display at the Petit Classic & Vintage Fly-in on Saturday 04 October.

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