Member Projects

TEDDY build on 16th August 2014


Yahoo, we are making progress on the landing gear !
Thanks to the efforts of Derek, Kevin & Freddie for the work done today, and a special big thanks to Karl, Eugene, Trix, Mike, Neville, Ricardo, The General and Hayley for the support. EAA 322 members continious support is inspiring.

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Chapter 322 Teddy Build : 14 June @ Krugersdorp


On Saturday morning we got off to a slow start and found ourselves a little baffled at the landing gear plans. All eager to get going, we have very quickly realised that we will need to devise a new plan for the metal work that needs to be done. As this is not a kit plane and all parts have to be manufactured and then fitted together perfectly, we are planning to split the work into what Neville cleverly termed - a fabrication team and an assembly team.

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Chapter 322 Teddy Build : 7 June @ Nico's Place


Thanks to the people that came along to the build. We started with bacon and egg rolls and got to work on the fiddly bits of the wings. The progress on the wings is thanks to Nico, for the planning, the space and his hospitality ! We were joined by ; Mike, Derek, Gerald, Neil, Ivor, Murray and Wendy.

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Gusty A60 Rebuild


by Fanie Bezuidenhout, Chapter 1501 Volksrust

Greetings from a cold Volksrust. It may be freezing out here but will never stop our aviation activities.

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C-Wolf Project visit


On Saturday 17 May, about 50 EAA Chapter 322 members had the pleasure of visiting Wolfgang Vormbaum’s engineering works in New Doornfontein to see the progress of his C-Wolf A.U.V. project. This is a really impressive project with brilliant engineering and thinking being invested in this innovative aircraft. Wolfgang and his son Stefan are members of EAA Chapter 322 Johannesburg. Wolf’s wife Cheryl supplied all comers with a delicious breakfast during the visit.

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C-Wolf Project Visit

Saturday, May 17, 2014 - 09:00

On 17 May, EAA Chapter 322 will be having a project visit to member Wolfgang Vormbaum's C-Wolf/ Boeremeisie build project. This C-Wolf is an eye- opening venture that has been planned by an amazingly sharp engineering brain. As an aviator of more than half a century, I recently visited Wolf's place with my devoted and equally longstanding aviator friend (General) Brian Stableford who said he had half expected to see an amateurish experimental project. Brian was highly impressed with the technicalities of this advanced project.

Designing and Building Simulators


by Rob Jonkers

Ever wondered about the usability of a flight simulator as being close enough to resemble real flight? Well, with computing power and flight control technologies available today, the ability to achieve the realism is getting ever closer. My own dabbling in simulators has been around since Microsoft released their very first MSFS back in the late 80s with only Meig’s field in Chicago as the airport available to fly from using a green flat earth terrain mesh.

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