Build projects are a big part of who the EAA is and we hope that this information available in this section will inspire and encourage you as well as guide you and offer you some sound information. By sharing information, we are able to make the process easier and far ore enjoyable for everyone.

Most members are happy to discuss their builds and specific learnings should you wish to chat with them before starting a project. Remember that the EAA is not a governing body and advise and knowledge shared is available for you to use at  your own discretion. We recommend and encourage all builders of new, rebuilds or renovations, work according to the SACAA regulations.

EAA members are available for assistance should there be uncertainty. Please contact should you need assistance and we will put you in contact with someone that should be able to assist you.

We are in the process of gathering information continiously and encourage everyone to participate. Information is available as follows :

BUILD PROJECT FORM – a place where you can give us a record of your build project, whether underway of completed. Your contact details will not be published, however members ay email us to be put in contact with you.

BUILD PROJECT LISTS – a list of the projects we have a record of at this stage. Please email any corrections to