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Everyone is Welcome ! You do not have to register to join us, however as there are very few facilities at the airfield, we need to make arrangements for services to be brought in and we can only do this if we have an indication of what to expect. By registering, you do not 100% guarantee that you will be there and there is no fee applicable, however having an indication of the numbers and what services are required, helps us to best plan for the event.

Registration is OPEN

Accommodation information is available HERE

A shuttle service will be available within 5 km radium (in the town itself) of the Airfield only. Please ensure that you check your location before hand. Car rental companies are available in Vryheid should you choose to stay outside the Town as the shuttle services will unfortunately not be able to provide adequate services outside the immediate town. Please refer to the Vryheid Town Map where you can view the Town area including locations 1-19. WhatsApp 0832597691 with your location if there is uncertainty.

Aircraft Judging Competition Manual

Rally / Spot Landing details

Awards Dinner details

Vryheid Town Map


Thanks for signing up, we look forward to seeing you in Vryheid !