EAA SUN ‘n FUN | 29 September – 01 October 2023 | NEW TEMPE AIRFIELD

Hi to all members and aviation enthusiasts,

We are so looking forward to our EAA Sun ‘n Fun 2023 Fly In this weekend, 29th September to the 1st October !  If you have not already rsvp’d, please do so now.

In anticipation of your arrival, please find general information below.

Airfield Information – FATP
New Tempe published information is available https://metar-taf.com/airport/FATP-new-tempe-airport
Co-ordinates:  -29.03528, 26.1611
Runways : 10/28 | 1200m | 15m wide | 4526ft elevation | Asphalt | LH circuit RWY10 and RH circuit RWY28
Alternative : 01/19 | 1300m | 10m wide | 4526ft elevation | Asphalt | LH circuit RWY01 and RH circuit RWY19
Frequency : 131.30
AFIS : No formal AFIS will be in place. Please listen out for ground information from Nigel Musgrave.

Weather on the airfield can be viewed HERE

Recommended establishments off the airfield can be viewed HERE

Camping is available on the airfield with ablution facilities provided. Bring your own tent!

New Tempe Airport is in the town and residential area and in the service hub for Uber.
The use of Uber will give participants the freedom to travel between the airfield and guest houses.

Draft Program
We have left ample time for hangar talk, stories and catching up with guys from around the country.
Just come along and catch up and see what everyone else is doing.
See program HERE

Spot Landing Competition
Details to be announced for Saturday.

Aircraft Judging
Judging will take place on Saturday morning. We look forward to those masterpieces from all over the country. Categories will be the usual EAA classes – Vintage, Rag & Tube, Metal, Homebuilt etc.

Both Avgas (LL100) and Jet A1 available
Avgas price R33.81/L
Contact Kassie on 0824041642 should you have any special needs

The FATP Club house will be supported by an on-field Wimpy for breakfast and lunch. Dinners’ will be provided at the airfield.

Stalls & Vendors
Vendor sites will be available on the airfield. Should you wish to set up a stall, please contact Paul 082 822 7018 or Neil 084 674 5674.

MEMBERSHIP –  Last but not least
While we welcome all friends and family, we encourage you to sign up as a member of EAA and join our organisation.
If you are not already an EAA member, we invite you to join below

Need any more information, please contact the team

Paul Lastrucci – EAA President – 0828227018
Nigel Musgrave – Safety – 0836752211
Neil Bowden – EAA Chapter 322 Chairman – 0846745674

Kassie – 0824041642
Lucas – 0825660656

Paul Lastrucci
President, EAA of SA


EAA ARO CERTIFICATE – EAA ARO Certificate 2023-2024
EAA MOP – EAAofSA MOP ARO 009 Rev6(June2023)-signed 23-08-23 (1)