Chapter 322 Teddy Build : 14 June @ Krugersdorp

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On Saturday morning we got off to a slow start and found ourselves a little baffled at the landing gear plans. All eager to get going, we have very quickly realised that we will need to devise a new plan for the metal work that needs to be done. As this is not a kit plane and all parts have to be manufactured and then fitted together perfectly, we are planning to split the work into what Neville cleverly termed - a fabrication team and an assembly team. A small team of people will be needed for fabrication and preparation, in order that people wanting to assemble only, may still be able to participate in this part of the project.
Thanks to - Kevin, Derek, Heindrich and Duncan for working through this and finding a solution and to the visitors and supporters that came along - Gerald, Neville, Captain Karl J, Mike Brown, Justin Gloy and a lovely group of young folk. We could not do this without the support and encouragement of our members.
Next work session is at Nico's on 21 June.