Gusty A60 Rebuild

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by Fanie Bezuidenhout, Chapter 1501 Volksrust

Greetings from a cold Volksrust. It may be freezing out here but will never stop our aviation activities.

The Gusty A60 aircraft was designed and built in the late 1980s by Hein Schuman at Kriel Power Station. Hein is a keen model flyer and decided to build a model aeroplane which can take a pilot. He designed the Gusty based on several model aircraft, the wings are very similar to a Turbulent, one of the older homebuilt aircraft. It took Hein several years to complete the project, constantly redesigning and making changes till he was satisfied that it would fly.

On a cold winter’s morning 16 June 1994 the Gusty was ready for its maiden flight, complete with a 1700 standard VW engine and propeller, also made by Hein. After a few taxi and high speed runs at Kriel airfield, Fanie Bezuidenhout who was authorised by Oom Arrie van der Plaatz, took the Gusty to the skies.
Hein continued to fly the Gusty for 150 hours before he sold it to a farmer in White River.

During 2012 Fanie started looking for the Gusty which was nowhere to be found. Sadly, someone decided to revamp the Gusty and took it apart, but he never got going with the project and sold it to Clive at Witbank airfield where it was standing in a hangar for 7 years. The remains were bought and returned to Boksburg where Fanie and his keen helpers restored and rebuilt the aircraft. Well done!

I am not too sure if all the garage builders have the same philosophy. Fanie's famous last words, "Last one... no more!"

Fanie and Hein after the maiden flight