Wings Park Airfield

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Wings Park is a vibrant community based airfield with two grass runways 09/27 950m & 01/22 500m long. It lies just outside the East London CTR below the TMA. Join at 2500ft, left hand circuits broadcasting on 125.2MHz. Taxiways and helicopter pads are clearly marked.

There are power lines and phone lines on approach to runway 04, 27 and 09. There is also a power line running parallel to runway 09/27 to the south and high tension power lines running in the southern valley. A cell phone tower stands north west of the airfield and there are telephone lines running along the road parallel to runway 09/27.

Campers should please contact Mike Wright 079 251 2737 or James Wardle 082 639 0395 for arrangements. Please visit for more information on the venue.

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