Convention 2014 - Wings Park - Pilot's Pack (ver 2)

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Note: This information pack is just that – for information and advisory purposes only. This information is based on local knowledge. We accept no responsibility for any errors that might have crept in.

A NOTAM is expected to be issued, by the relevant authority.

There will be camping allowed on the airfield for those who wish to rough it. A few hangar owners have made showers available to the hardy campers. You will need to bring your tent, some form of bed & sleeping bag, etc.

For those wishing for some creature comforts there are a few BnB’s in Beacon Bay and Gonubie, but bookings need to be made sooner than later as they are filling up. The link to an online directory is here:

[Rooms for Africa] Scroll to the bottom of the web page and search availability for the following suburbs: • Gonubie • Beacon Bay. The Shuttle service will only service these suburbs.

Meals & Refreshments

    Friday 8th:
  • There will be a vendor providing the usual fast food type meals & drinks combos
  • The Border Aviation Club will have drinks for sale in the evening.
  • For Friday evening you will have a choice of a braai pack or potjie Kos. Tickets for Please indicate your preference on the pre-registration form or document. If using the document please remember to email it to the correct address as indicated on the document.
    Saturday 9th:
  • There will be a vendor providing the usual fast food type meals & drinks combos
  • The Border Aviation Club will have drinks for sale in the evening.
  • There will be a sit down dinner after the Convention prize giving.

For all of the above there will be a ticket system to make purchases, and these will be for sale at the registration desk on your arrival and for the duration of the Convention.


When approaching Wings Park one should take into account the diagram below of the airspace and frequencies in use.

Airspaces around East London

Wings Park coordinates: 32 deg. 49’ 32” S. 27deg. 50’ 11” E. Elevation: 1200’ AMSL



Use the following procedures when flying into Wings Park during the EAA Convention period as follows:- 


1. The East London Special Rules area is on frequency 125.2 and is the area covered 50nm radius centered on VOR ELV

2. There will be advisory traffic service provided by ATNS on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th 

3. Wings Park radio frequency for Friday 8th and Saturday 9th of August is 120.2

1) Eastern approach (down the coast from Margate):

Routing down the coast from the east at low level (VFR) you should be on 124.8 until “Cebe”(6 nm past Mazzeppa Bay), where after you need to change frequency to 125.2 for the EL special rules area.

At “Cintsa East” you should turn inland for Wings Park . Do not go above 1500’ above ground, At 5nm from Wings Park make a radio call to Advisory service on 120.2 stating your intentions for joining overhead at Wings Park. Join overhead at 2500’ amsl.

Remain on 120.2 for landing at Wings Park, listen to advisory radio at Wings and follow pattern in use by joining circuit in use at 2000’ amsl Wings Park is 1200’amsl. This route is popular with local pilots and can get rather busy traffic wise, so please keep radio chat to a minimum, listen out for advisory radio, keep your eyes out of the window and fit into the pattern, do 360’s away from the field if you are likely to overtake a plane ahead of you in the pattern. Be advised that there are power lines and radio masts in the area and a constant vigilant lookout should be kept.

2) Northern approach (Inland from Aliwal North and Queenstown):

A northerly VFR approach should be done on 124.8 and 1500’ above ground to Ferndale near Stutterheim where one needs to change frequency to 125.2 for the FAEL special rules area. Remain below the TMA at (1500’ agl) and make a radio call on 120.2 stating your intentions 5nm from Wings Park. Join overhead at 2500’amsl, listen out for advisory radio, and join the pattern. Be advised that there are power lines and radio masts in the area and a constant vigilant lookout should be kept.

3) Westerly approach (up the coast from Port Elizabeth or Grahamstown):

When at 50nm from FAEL you must call FAEL tower on 118.3 to get clearance and routing through their TMA and CTR for destination Wings Park. At Nahoon Dam (5nm from Wings Park) you can expect FAEL to change you to the advisory traffic frequency of 120.2 and you need to be at 2500’ amsl for joining overhead Wings Park. Follow the same advice as given above. Be advised that there are power lines and radio masts in the area and a constant vigilant lookout should be kept.


Once on the ground take the first taxiway you can and follow the Motorcycle/Quad with the Follow Me sign, where you will be allotted a parking space for the entire weekend, if you go flying during the convention period, you are to return to this same parking which is exclusively yours for the duration of the convention.

Fuel will is available and you will be advised how to route to the fuel bay by marshals. Payment method will be by way of Credit & Debit Cards only - sorry NO cash!  ...and guess what? NO LANDING FEES will be levied!

You must bring tie downs, not only for your good, but for the good of others too. We don’t want your plane blowing into someone else’s plane.

DEPARTURES from Wings Park

The possible scenarios are:

  • For the duration of the convention (Fri & Sat) please listen to advisory for the advised exit route from Wings Park
  • Should you wish to go home earlier than Saturday evening please listen to the advisory service for the advised exit route from Wings Park
  • On Sunday 10th August when you depart for home base there will be no advisory service and you should plan to follow the reverse procedure used for your arrival.

Please note that it is a requirement for any visiting aircraft to complete, sign and submit the Wings Park Indemnity form as prescribed by the venue owners. Please complete the indemnity form, attached at the end of this page and fax it to : 086 516 8475 or alternately scan and e-mail it to the address indicated on the form.

HELICOPTERS – Please do not land on the demarcated Helipads as shown on the field map provided later in this document, as they will not be used for the duration of the weekend. Listen to Advisory and follow marshals who will advise where you are to land in a clearing beyond “Taxiway ECHO”.


    CAA/RAASA Have advised the following with regard to the weekend flying activities:-
  1. There may be no “runway inspections”, fly pasts, low level passes, beat ups, flying displays etc. by ANY aircraft (Both single aircraft and formation aircraft)
  2. No aerobatics allowed
  3. All aircraft to observe standard flight arrival and departure procedures as at all times during the EAA convention.
  4. There are a few game farms in the area, so please when transiting to the coast fly at 1500 feet AGL. This will keep the farmers happy and complaints to a minimum.

Event Safety Officers, will have no option but to take offenders to task, so please make their jobs easy by sticking to the rules!

Safe flying and looking forward to a great weekend.

Wings Park Arial Photo

Note the approximate position of Cell Phone masts and the power lines depicted in the photo below. Power lines shown below are marked with RED AND WHITE BALLS

Warning: There are significant power lines in the area – no low flying and keep a careful watch for power lines on approach of RW 09 and RW 27. There is also a cell phone tower in close proximity to the left hand base leg of RW 09


The runway 09/27 is about 850m long and has a rise and dip towards the 27 end.
The runway 04/22 is about 600m long & runs downhill with a slight slope from left to right when approached from the 04 end.
NOTE: These measurements are taken using Google Earth measurement tools.

The runways are not difficult to use, just be aware of these factors.
Due to the runway contours, taxiway intersections and thresholds are NOT visible from all positions – use caution and radio communications is vital.


Popular reporting points

Visit the Wings Park Website.