What it's all about: Meeting people

Gerald Maddams's picture

- Gerald Maddams

It may have seemed a long way to drive, and the truck and taxi drivers along the route were determined to reinforce that fact, but a drive of twice that distance would have been worth it.

I arrived at Wings park in the gathering dark, late on Friday afternoon, to find a chilly wind being effectively deflected by the warmth of the friendly hospitality of a large group of men and women, who broke off their conversations to greet my companion and me to make us feel welcome. Some dedicated people had been slaving away tirelessly to produce a table loaded with salads, a wonderful lamb potjie and crisp fires for the braai fans.

The organisation was evident from the very start. The men and women of Wings Park, aided by many from other areas, did all attendees proud with their thoughtful arrangements and excellent planning.

The purpose of these Conventions is to gather together planes and the people who care for them. Big or small, rough or perfect, fast or slow. Planes as diverse as the folk who love them. It was only in the morning that I got to see the variety that had flown in there and I was glad to have my camera with me, because the spectacle needed capturing in order to relive it later when I got back home.

The formal talks and forums were excellent, demonstrating the wide variety of interests and knowledge that EAAers possess, and reinforcing the spirit of the EAA and it's credo of education through activity.

The presentation of awards are always great because we get to see real dedication recognised by others. I am always amazed how the judges can settle on their prize aircraft as there are always a host of prize-winning aircraft out on the field. Those judges deserve warm applause for their attention to detail and their single-minded determination to find the diamond in amongst so many gems.

To all who attended, prepared, planned, encouraged, hosted, cooked, flew, or whatever, a very big thank you from the KZN members (including the MISASA guys who joined us). This really is what it's all about: meeting people.