Ex Chapter 322 Pietenpol

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The PBHS Aeronautical Society is making steady progress on the Pietenpol static restoration which EAA kindly donated to the school. We secured some sponsorship and so are trying to do most of the work with proper materials. Some of the centre sections seem to have gone astray (or were never made?) and so we are having to make those. We started fabric work a few weeks back, which the lads are enjoying - many have taken to the basic techniques very quickly. Watching boys doing something practical is very rewarding - many of them have, I’m sure, never handled any type of tools.
Unfortunately we probably won’t be able to display the project at our Petit Fly-in, but will attempt to have it ready for several events next year. It would be good to affix a few EAA stickers on the plane when finished. - John Illsley