Pierre Douglas' KR2

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The project started in 2013 with a journey down to PE. My dad wanted to find out more about building his own small plane. But he ended up buying the KR2 - the guy who was busy building it was tired and didn't want to continue, and we ended up with literally the framework and canopy. My dad then started to fix up the plane.

He built roughly 3 sets of wing tanks. When everything was starting to come together, he decided on painting the KR2 blue and white, with a top coat and some Magic White, because he wanted to shimmer in the sun and obviously make himself visible to other aircraft.

In November 2014 they started with the finishing touches, namely the base coats, and the finishes. They ended recently, with spraying the frame of the canopy. The KR2 is looking great and I can’t wait to be in the passenger seat. My dad is now busy fixing up the electronics in the plane. The plan is to take it to Baragwanath Airfield, hopefully by the latest over the Easter weekend.