Convention Registration (CLOSED)

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Hi to All our EAA South Africa Members, In order to help us make the necessary arrangement for your attendance at the EAA Convention & AGM in Margate for the weekend of 7-10 August 2015, we required you all to register in advance. 

While we do understand that it may be nicer to just arrive, we really do need to put quite a lot into place to support this event and ensure that we can take the best care of your needs. To keep the costs as low as possible and ensure the service is available, catering numbers are required by 1 August at the latest. These numbers will be taken from the registrations to confirm the services required. Don't forget to click the SUBMIT button on the bottom of the form to process your registration. You will receive an email confirmation of the details submitted. Submission is only possible after you have accepted the Indemnity just above "Submit". Your assistance in making this a great event by registering in advance is sincerely appreciated. Marie Reddy