FAMG Margate ATNS Chart

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Attached is an updated aerodrome chart for Margate airport (FAMG) for information only and applies to the convention and specifically arrivals on the 08 August 2015.

Also included are some alternate airfields should you require them.

Margate SUGGESTED EMERGENCY Alternates for EAA Convention

  • Friedheim 12 nm approx 355 M
  • Gutside 7 nm NE approx 060 M - EMERGENCY ONLY on 8,9 August due motorbike racing and bicycle racing
  • Munster Short airstrip 600 m 10 nm approx 230 M
  • Harding 30 nm approx 330 M
  • Mkambati 31 nm approx 235 M (Exercise extreme caution – condition unknown)
  • Scotborough (Crookes) 39 nm approx 051 M
  • Magwa 46 nm approx 245 M
  • Port St Johns 62 nm approx 245 M

Make sure you double check all the information provided here. Flight planning is a PIC responsibility.
The aeronautical map snippet is dated 2010.
The Margate FAMG runways are currently marked 05/23 and your AIP's may have the old 04/22 indicated.