Crosswinds Fly-in Brekkie

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It is 06:00 on a cold winters day and the people of Experimental Aircraft Association is arriving at Crosswinds Airfield situated across from the well-known Tarlton drag racing race track west of Krugersdorp.

Very soon the big bonfire was burning and the dancing flames was lighting up the EAA Chapter 973 members buzzing around getting everything ready 

And very soon Gavin van der Berg also a member of the Chain Gang who was longing to fly with his mates was having his hands full performing the ATC duties.

Planes Trikes Gyro copters and a Chopper flew in.

and soon  the fires in the braais were lit.

Now with first light the “Chain Gang” microlight trike owners hangering at Crosswinds was getting their trikes ready for a quick flip, the two Savannah’s hangering there was also taking off for a flip before the visitor’s starting to arrive for the “brekkie”. 

We would like to thank the Chapter 322 EAA members who flew in it was a great surprise and is greatly appreciated. 


   Karl Jensen with ZU-VAL Cessna 170-B

In the meantime the pilots passengers and the people who drove in were enjoying an awesome breakfast

Special thanks to Eugene Couzyns and friends in the Aerospatiale Gazelle (ZU-GHP) a helicopter was a first for a Crosswinds fly-in.