Gatsby Photo Shoot

Gerald Maddams's picture

- Gerald Maddams, Chapter 1502 East Coast

A while ago, Steve McCurrach - pilot and expert aerial photographer - phoned me and asked if I would loan my aeroplane for a photo-shoot. Questions from me elicited the answer that the shoot might include a young lady or two and that my aeroplane would act as a backdrop to a photography school class run by a well-known Johannesburg-based photographer and tutor.
I suggested that ZS-APY and our 1942 Vaaljapie Ferguson tractor would also seem to fit the bill, and could they be included. The plan was hatched.
Some resulting shots from my over-heated camera are attached.

Auster Mk1 LB369 (ZU-MGM) and a Gatsby girl.
Steve McCurrach took the dancing teacher/model in his Cheetah ZU-SSG for an aerial view of the photo-shoot.