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What our members are up to - Chapter 1502 East Coast

Chris Hicks is coordinating a programme that should lead to the restoration-to-flight of one of South Africa's oldest homebuilt aircraft still extant.
This is a Taylor Monoplane, built by Ian Parker back in the late 60s. Many old-timers may remember this aircraft from the EAA Conventions held in Pietermaritzburg back in the 1970s, and then later when it adopted pseudo RAF camouflage and roundels.

Member Barry de Groot donated the airframe and motor to Chapter 1502, hoping that it could be completed and flown again. Shortly after that generous act, a 'twister' swept across Oribi Airport which destroyed hangars and seriously damaged many aeroplanes. The wings for the Monoplane were stored in a hangar which lost its roof, and the wings were sucked out through the trusses and dumped onto the airfield’s grass about 100 yards from the hangar.

Damage was fortunately very light, but it added another set of tasks to the completion project. Chris can be seen doing some remedial work to one of the wings.
The fuselage of ZS-UHG is shown without it's old cowls, as they were made for the original VW engine. The aircraft now sports a Revmaster motor with magneto ignition, so will need new cowls.

Soon, we hope, the motor can go for final preparation, but that will have to wait for the Familiar Chats to raise their brood of chicks out of the nest that they have built under the dust cloths and on top of the engine!
It's great to have wildlife on the airfield.