Alan's Piper PA17 Vagabond ZS-VLN

Gerald Maddams's picture

Alan Lorimer is busy restoring a Piper PA17 Vagabond, which was the love of our dear departed Bob Illsley. Bob had begun the restoration before his passing, and he sold the unfinished project to Alan. ZS-VLN was registered in the LS1 category and will continue with that registration into the new Light Sport category when complete. This aeroplane began life as a PA15, and still has the data-plate attached to one of the fuselage frames. It was later modified with dual controls, two doors and bungee suspension and brought up towards PA17 status.

The first illustration shows Alan having done a test-fitting of the motor to the newly tacked-up engine bearers. The new seat-fob can be discerned in the cockpit, and the recently covered wings lurk behind him under some old curtains. The old wing covering is hanging on the hangar wall above it all.
Alan and Russell Smith can be seen trying out the newly installed complete seat, making engine noises and playing with brake/rudder pedals and sticks (all unconnected at present). The back of the instrument panel can be seen, and it houses very simple old-fashioned steam-type gauges.