Positive response received from the CAA

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I received this response from our many objections to the proposed amendments to Part 139 subpart 5

Message from Aviation Infrastructure Chairperson:

Following the submission of a proposed Part139 subpart 5 and 6 to the CARCOM process and subsequent to a Subcommittee meeting held during August 2015, CARCOM approved for publication of said proposals.
Based on the number and content of comments received, a review was done of the proposals in line with international benchmarking as well as the applicable National Development initiatives.

The SACAA also acknowledges industry’s role in the development of new regulations. The conclusion reached was that we need to review and redraft the proposals in order to provide for better alignment with best practice and development initiatives.

As a result, the AI Subcommittee Meeting scheduled for 17 March 2016 is cancelled and the proposals for Part 139 subpart 5 and 6 will be resubmitted to the CARCOM after a thorough rework.