Mossel Bay Convention Pre-arrival Safety Brief

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Aviators the world over recognise the need for a safety orientated attitude and behaviour at all times. We all know the relentless unforgiving nature of aviation activities should those principles be abused or ignored.

We have all, every single one of us, the experience of observing the sort of behaviour eliciting a comment of: “That guy is going to kill himself!”

Sadly, many a time our prediction was proven correct.

The EAA as an organisation exist only because of its members and their participation in related activities.

We are very fortunate that inherent in the collective group of EAA members reside collectively speaking centuries of safe, responsible and practical experience and knowledge.

From a safety officers perspective it would be very unwise to ignore this valuable resource when planning any event where EAA activities are involved.

Nothing different about attending this year’s EAA Annual Convention to be held at the Mossel Bay airfield in the stunning Garden Route of South Africa.

Each participating pilot will therefore act as his own safety officer during the attendance of the event.


There are some great informational pieces available prepared by two well-known and highly respected persons in SA Aviation circles, Messrs. Hartog Blok and Ivan Louw to be found as on AVCOM.

The relative information is about a third down the first page, lots of good, solid common sense info for up country flyers visiting the convention.

Straight from the horse’s mouth. The very man whom will, along with some mates, be keeping the convention skies safe for all.


Kindly pack a reflective vest for the PIC at least and preferably for each active EAA member. The idea is for each pilot to assume responsibility for his own compliment of crew and passengers/visitors for the duration of the convention.

We simply do not have sufficient Marshalls to accompany every single visitor airside at the convention.

Don’t start yelling hellfire and brimstone, everyone knows it is a requirement to wear reflective vests airside at registered airfields, so the vest should be in your aerie anyway (The only people exempted from this are hillbillies flying from places like Pofadder and Makwassie but we shall ensure that we have vests for the convention!)

Beware of not doing the seven P’s. Prepare adequately and if any uncertainty arises, don’t assume, rather call and enquire!

The two hyperlinks above has more than sufficient info for even the greenest pilot to make it to the convention safely.

Remember ample tie-downs for safe parking!

Please ensure you have the correct documentation available for inspection if required.


Please ensure you make it on time to attend the opening ceremony on Saturday 30th April at 09:00.

Directly after the EAA President, Paul Lastrucci officially opens the convention the Safety Briefing will follow.


·       Must be attended by all participants

·       The attendance register signed.

·       If you do not make it to this briefing, please ensure you make the Safety Officer aware of this so that remedial actions can be implemented with a compliance certificate signed.

Kind Regards

Mike Visagie