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Dear All,
Just look how wonderful Anton and I started the year, with one of the ‘senior boys’ from EAA, Rob Jonkers, taking Anton with us to Brits for breakfast from Wonderboom Airfield.
Wonderboom had fuel supply problems, so Rob had to ask his cousin, Martin, to fly a jerry can of fuel over from the airfield where ‘cousin’ hangars, so that Rob could have enough fuel to take my son flying, and to fill the aircraft with fuel at Brits. I ask you, the trouble some people will not go through just to do something for other people is just amazing.

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Sun n Fun 2015


We are a month away from our annual EAA Sun 'n Fun event, which will take place in Brits over the weekend of 13-15 November 2015.

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Sun n Fun 2015 - UPDATE

EAA Sun 'n Fun is coming up this weekend and we look forward to welcoming everyone. Please indicate if you are attending, whether you are driving or flying. It will take you 2 minutes to log on and let us know. In order for BFC to provide the catering and camping facilities required, we really need your assistance in letting us know what quantities are required please. Safe travels if you are driving or flying. We look forward to seeing you at Brits !
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(C3091/15 NOTAMN Q)FAJA/QWTLW/IV/M/AW/000/068/2532S02747E005 A)FABS B)1511130500 C)1511151500 E)FABS: FLY-IN TAKING PLACE. F)GND G)6761FT AMSL)
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