Energising the EAA in the Western Cape


On Wednesday 27 January Horace Blok and I travelled to Cape Town from Mossel Bay and JHB respectively at the behest of the EAA of SA Council to sow the seeds to revitalise the dormant Cape Town EAA Chapter 592 and also promote our 2016 EAA Convention at Mossel Bay.
We did presentations at Morning Star and Stellenbosch Flying Club in the evenings on Wednesday and Thursday. We were graciously received by both clubs and their many hospitable members. We were delighted with the warm responses and especially the enthusiasm for getting the EAA Chapter on its feet again.

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EAA of SA Brochure


If you like aircraft and the people who fly them, the EAA - the Experimental Aircraft Association - is for you. EAA offers something for all enthusiasts - pilots, designers, builders, dreamers, in other words anyone who enjoys the unique experience and total freedom of flight. Everyone is most welcome.

The attached brochure is for general distribution to the Chapters, Aero Club, RAASA, and beyond. It explains a bit about the EAA of SA.

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Proudly South African Photo Shoot


If you are like me then you love those old air fleet photographs that are so popular with the US Air force and the likes of NASA. The best part is trying to identify the aircraft. There’s even a great one of the 1960’s SAAF fleet taken at Waterkoof floating around on the internet somewhere.

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Flight Test Guidelines for Homebuilt/Experimental Aircraft


Flight Test Guidelines for Homebuilt/Experimental Aircraft by Maj Gen. Desmond Barker and Alan Sutherland

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What is this EAA of SA all about


by Karl Jensen, Chairman EAA Chapter 322, Johannesburg

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) of South Africa embraces far more than design, building and flying of experimental or home built aircraft, although this remains an important activity of the EAA. As an Aero Club of SA affiliate, the EAA of SA actively supports initiatives of the AeCSA to ensure that the freedom of the skies in South Africa is sustained for recreational aviation under ever increasing restrictive legislation. If one flies a non-type certified aircraft, membership of an Aero Club affiliate such as EAA is a requirement for the issue by CAA of the Authority to Fly (ATF)

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