Chapter 322 Pilot Bursary Program 1
August 2021

We will be delighted to award a bursary to the value of R10 000.00 as part payment towards a pilot licence to be used for flying training.
This bursary will be undertaken by EAA Chapter 322 and will be a once-off bursary.

Flight School Requirements (*)

  • Flight school must be operated by an EAA 322 member, OR the instructor must be an EAA 322 member.
  • Once an application is received, EAA will contact the flight school for confirmation
  • Applications close 31 August 2021. A decision will be made by the EAA no later than 15 September 2021.

Applicant: Student Requirements
The applicant :

    • must be a South African citizen
    • must be between the age of 16-30 years old
    • must be undertaking flight instruction in South Africa
    • must already be committed to undertaking their pilot’s licence, with a minimum of an SPL and a medical certificate.
    • should be “current”
    • will be requested to provide monthly feedback on the progress of licence from the point of receiving this bursary
    • is reminded that this is a once-off bursary towards achieving their licence as a reward for their commitment to flying. They are responsible for the balance of licence costs.
    • Applications close 31 August 2021. A decision will be made by the EAA no later than 15 September 2021.

EAA Commitment

  • All bursary applicants will be given 1 year’s free membership to EAA 322 for 2021
  • The successful applicant will receive payment to the qualifying (*) flight school of their choice for flight training, as their training progresses.
  • EAA will appoint a member to fill the role of a dedicated mentor to the successful applicant

Student Application Information

  • The below online application must be completed and submitted.
  • Additional documentation requested in the form should be sent within 2 days of the application being submitted.
  • In addition to a copy of your licence, logbook, and medical certificate, applicants must submit a motivation letter, no longer than 500 words/one A4 page outlining why they  should receive the bursary.
  • All applicants will receive free EAA 322 memberships for the current year.

Flight School Application Information

  • Flight schools will be contacted to confirm applications
  • The Flight school must guarantee that all student costs to be paid by this bursary, will be invoiced to EAA. The bursary cannot be used to pay previous unpaid costs.


  • This Bursary is issued for the successful applicant personally, in order that they may continue their training in order to get their licence, through an appointed flight school of their choice that conforms to the Flight School Requirements as laid out on Page 1(*)
  • The full amount of R10 000.00 is for flight instruction only. Should the student require assistance with the cost of booking examinations, a further R1 000.00 maximum may be made available. The examination allocation portion of this bursary may only be used for the payment of examination fees.
  • The program will be launched immediately and the closing date for submissions is 17h00 on 31 August 2021. All documentation and applications must be received at this time to be considered.
  • A Bursary Panel made up of  EAA 322 members will be set up to review all applications anonymously. The successful applicant will be selected by 15 September. The panel’s decision will be final.

Please complete the Application form below and submit it before 17h00 on 31 August 2021

Note that this information will be treated as confidential. Applications will be reviewed anonymously by the Bursary Panel.

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