Some years back, our fabulous Auditorium team – Jeremy and Anne-Louise Woods were running the EAA Auditorium based at Rand Airport and hosted regular events with Flying Ledgends being interviewed. These Legends had the opportunity to share their stories with us, giving all visitors a fantastic insight into their lives and experiences. For those that were unable to join us, or even for those that had the pleasure of being there and would like to listen to the interviews again – we have embarked on the process of uploading all of the recorded Audio that we have available. Very few of these recordings have not been edited from the actual full recordings. We hope that you will enjoy these and we look forward to hosting more Talk Show evenings again in 2019, once our Auditorium has started the renovtion process it so dearly needs.

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  • 2011, October 16 – Musa Midnight Mbhokota Flying Legend Talk Show (second half of TalkShow only) 


  • 2011, November 10 – Mike, James & Jean of The Airplane Factory

  • Date Unknown : Capt Flippie Vermeulen – Brian Stapleford

  • 2016 June 16 – Rob Jonkers Talks about the Rooivalk



  • 2016, August 11 – Petri Van Zyl on Life as a Test Pilot

  • 2013, Septmeber 12, Mark Clulow

  • 2019, September 19 – Scully Levin


  • 2020, January 23- Brian Stabelford (The General)



  • 2020, February 20 – Steve Joubert



  • 2020, March 18 – Karl Jensen


  • NEXT :
  • Karl Jensen interview by Scully Levin : No introductions needed : Date to be advised once a safe environment has been declared post-Covid19


  • Guy Martin interviewed by Bruce Harrison : Planned for 21 May 2020Once in a while we come across an individual with an interesting aviation background.  Guy Martin was born in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia), where his late father served in the NRR (Northern Rhodesia Regiment) until the end of Federation.He completed his schooling and matriculated at St John’s College here in Johannesburg. With a boyhood fascination with Aviation, (and while working as a waiter at Mike’s Kitchen) he applied for training to the Royal Air Force in 1981.  The manner in which he was accepted by the RAF is a story in itself, as was his early retirement just seven years later. In the intervening years he excelled at RAF Cranwell, completed  flying training on Chipmunks, Jet Provosts and Hawks, and streamed to fast jets, achieved his boyhood dream of qualifying on the Harrier GR3, “a beast of a machine”. In the process he served a brief  tour in Cyprus as an Intelligence Officer, and also logged 20 hours on the Gazelle for VSTOL familiarisation, and the Ferranti INAS (Inertial Navigation and Attack System) – with which the Harrier was equipped.The manner in which he took his early departure from the RAF is a saga in its own right,  worthy of a John LeCarre novel. He now runs a business consultancy,  “Blueprints”, specialising in organisational effectiveness.