The Young aviators program is for anyone between the ages 16-30 years old involved in or wanting to get into aviation. Everyone is welcome whether you’re a glider pilot, a fixed wing pilot, a helicopter pilot, ground crew operations, or even if you are just looking at starting your journey in aviation!

What is the EAA Young Aviators
The Young Aviators is a combination of all sectors of aviation to create a community of passionate and enthusiastic aviators. You will get to meet others who are on a similar journey and will be a great way to make more friendships and connections within the industry. We will be having social events throughout the year and fly-ins which will be more accessible for students as well as other added benefits such as discount to exam database programs and select aviation stores along with prizes to be won at different events. At each of these social event there will be short talk’s presented by establish members within the aviation community, to offers a wider spectrum of opportunities and to show potential avenues one could venture into, whilst also allowing you a place to ask for guidance. These social events will be an introduction into different avenues of aviation and a place to get to know one another outside of your day to day training or field of work. There will be different fly-ins throughout the course of the year which will be held at longer runways to accommodate students who will be hire & flying and each of these fly-ins will be themed to make for a fun outing and social get together. This initiatives aim is to bring people of a similar age together to make more friends and industry connections along the way. We hope that you join us in becoming a part of the next generation of aviation.

A membership to the young aviators will cost R250 for the year, where you will then receive a personalised reflective safety vest and will be added to a community WhatsApp group where all upcoming events and fly-ins will be posted. This group chat is open to everyone who is a member, were we can talk anything and everything aviation related. With a membership you will also have access to all EAA events and fly-ins outside of the young aviators program as well as other added befit mentioned above. Please visit the membership section on this EAA website to join and become a part of the community. You can contact us via email or instagram for help or if you have any queries.

Tyla Puzey
Young Aviator Coordinator

WhatsApp 071 392 0190



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